Reviews for Skyforger - Zobena Dziesma (Sword Song):

Wouldn’t be unfair to name this special album occasional or unnatural – Skyforger have been moving towards it all of their existence, even with the warlike Heathen Metal, never forgetting to promote native folklore and musical traditions. I guess all the fans know what I am talking about and already know this and that about Latvian folk music, thanks to Peter, Zirgs, Rihard and Mazais. Let’s admit that folk elements involved into their rough Metal concept have been working fuckin’ excellent, especially in afore-reviewed Perkonkalve. This project I am talking about here is supported by cultural fond in Latvia and sort of represents the official culture of this Baltic land. Let alone it is quite a unique achievement for the Metal band – show me another example like this?! Well, my friend has just reported about a unique trio from Faeroes Lands named Tyr, but I still need to experience them. So, Skyforger go with a wide range of Folk Songs – some of them you have heard on their previous albums, just in their original form this time, including heaps of traditional instrumentation [which still had to go under a complex engineering job to sound strong and proper] and accompanying vocalization of three guys and few guest vocalists. In terms of interest it is truly valuable experience, a great chance for all of you heavy heads to learn a bit about Baltic folklore. And in terms of originality, hardly many Metal bands have been doing this before. For those with enhanced knowledge, that last track is a Lithuanian war song that Skyforger are paying tribute to Lithuanian brothers with – hail!!

Review by: Yahko

Just heard track n.4 of "SwordSong" and its cool..east-europe folk music,no metal..if the whole albumis in this way i think its cool..i like folk stuff ,like Sorm(of fenriz),Isengard,Heidevolk..

Review by: the fog

Living in Latvia for 15 of My 21 years, an knowing local rockmusic pretty well I can experience that this is one of the most professional bands performing in Latvian language

Review by: Litovec