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Well, one thing that is certain is Abazagorath has definitely improved a lot since their 1996 demo's. This cd has an excellent production, with all instruments very nicely set apart which really fits this rather fast album.
The vocals used to be the main setback for Abazagorath in the past, but on this CD the screams are just really, really good.
The main drawback for this cd however, is that Abazagorath uses a very standard kind of progression within its songs, nothing you haven't heard a million times before, and if a riff starts, you will know exactly how it will progress, and what will be the next riff.
Nothing really awful here, but this cd just lacks imagination and once again atmosphere.
I rate it below average, which, with the current amount of bands delivering excellent music, is simply not good enough.

Review by: zwarte krijser

Probably the best one they ever made!! This shows that the USA BM bans can make a cult BM album as well as the norwegian one!!! The album is brutally fast melodic and dark it's going to blow your mind out!!

Review by: kiril

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