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I think the intro is kinda weak, only asking satan and lucifer to open the gates. I'd like to hear 'open the gates' by dark funeral instead :)
but the rest of this album is pretty good blackmetal. Nice riffs! Raw vocals and very melodic.
But is the band dead? This release is from '96...

Review by: blackstar666

make it '97 :)

Review by: blackstar666

Saw this band live many times in NJ, USA. Great live band. I don't have any of their CD's, but the cover to this album is one of the most grim fucking covers I've ever seen. It shits all over Darkthrone's 'Transylvanian Hunger' artwork.

Review by: The Coroner

This is the type of album you listen to in the dark maybe with a candle lit, shut off everything else and sit back close your eyes and prepare to be taken into the dark pits of hell, one of my favorite songs is Ghosts of the moonlight mist, really gets the satanic blood pumping.

Review by: demoniacspitfire

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