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fuck burzum, fuck graveland, fuck veles, fuck all those pathetic acts. Abyssic Hate krushes and kills... let blood shed fucking faggots!!! AH owns

Review by: so

Well Fuck you to! Abyssic hate sucks hard! This is th most pathetic ive ever heard! Hail Veles! Hail Graveland! Hail Burzum!

Review by: tompa88

Pathetic children... go play with your toys and stay out of black metal.

Review by: schaambaard

The idiology of the band is as pathetic as their music! They suck!!! Death to all false Black Metal!!!!!!!!

Review by: Lot of Cornwall

It is beyond my comprehension how anybody, despite how new they are to Black Metal can find this enjoyable, or anything more than a pathetic joke. Hail Veles! Hail Graveland! Hail Burzum!

Review by: CursedFuneral

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