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Horrible production, sound quality scores 2/10 at best.
Lyrics could be even worse 3/10, some quasi-satanic, vampire nonsense, probably works well with the kids.
The music overall scores a solid 3/10, I’m being nice here since for the most part its pure crap, there are some parts - however few those may be - that are actually quite nifty.
The booklet (a 3/10) contains some nerdy photos of the members of the band dressed up like vampires, works well with the rest of this crappy album.
Overall: 3, if its not for free, leave it be.

Review by: Elqa

If You Like Cradle then you won't be sorry if you buy this one.It's got everything - evil screams ,chanting voices ,keyboards but most of all fast feriuos black metal.
There's not a moment you will be bored if you listen to this great pearl of pure evil. Don't miss this one.

Review by: overlord101

I totally agree with Elqa! This album is so fucking boring, some guy told me it was briljant, I am glad I didn't bought it imediatly but downloaded it first... I never forgive that person that wanted me to hear this shit, I never take any advice from that son of a bitch about music. Even if you can get it free... Please don't accept it, it's worthless crap! I think the mark of this album would be a 0/10

Review by: Flix

Well, this is better than their debyt, but it's still P U R E S H I T. You'd better not compare it to Cradle if you wan't to keep your organs.

Review by: Punisher

I can't believe in what i just read... some people trying to get famous, altough ridiculous... and spreading shitty words here and there..this album is a great one, if you don't like it, please don't listen to it, but leave that shitty words at home... and let the people that apreciate it, listen to some majestic black metal like this one!

Review by: Vampyric

This is one of the best fuckin blacks ever. You retards ought to listen to backstreet boys because this music isnt for asses that dont understand a word of the lyrics or the music. Abyssos is a million times more beautiful than cradle. cradle is a shitty commercial band. DIE.

Review by: morphine

I would just like to see those Elqa, Flix and Punisher guys playing guitar like Rehn does.
Abyssos is Melodical Black Metal at its most technical level.
What those they said just proves that they don't like Melodical Black Metal at all. I doubt anyone will find a better band...

Review by: descalabro

this album is bloody amazeing, its got everything you could possibly want... amazeing gutiar riffs, bloody good drumming, amazeing vocals, and fuckin briliant keyboards, not to mention the male anf female backgroung singers. by the way if anybody knows how to play "she only flys at night" on the piano please could you email it to me at (dont ask me why i got such a fucked user name)thanks

Review by: count under

Very great album,This is one of my favorite band,And don't come to tell me i'm "little-kid-fan-of-vampyrs-and-cradle-and-all" asinine guys! I just don't care about your pitiful meaningless war which is finally only a question of taste for music,
Ooo look! I give 10 for this album! (:D

Review by: vampyr+mumu

I think I know what Lord Rehn thought before he made this album. "Letīs take the best things from five metal genres and make the ultimate metal album".

20 % = Cool three-stemmed riffs from Melodic death.
20 % = Fast shredding from Trash.
20 % = Female choirs and piano from Symphonic black.
20 % = Extreme musical diversity from old school Gothenburg.
20 % = Slow and heavy guitars and growling from Death metal.

This is a good album, but itīs a little too much at times. Itīs like he made a 100 cool riffs and then randomly put it into ten songs. One thing is for sure, I heard theyīve never played live and probably never will. After all they would need at least 20 people to pull it off.

Review by: xxdp

I wonder, what is impossible with this album? Rather desperatly trying to guess what Rehn thought when making this album or how he made it, you should just listen to the music.Then you like or do not like it, that's not a problem.It's funny how people try to find a good (yet stupid) reason to hate or devalue an album or a band, even if it's a great one.Is there any jealousy behind all this...hum...but i don't want to start to wander from the point... (:)

Review by: vampyr+mumu

Elqa and Flix, you ignorants can't understand what is true musical art, but Abyssos do know. Fhinstanian Nightbreed is an excellent production, and their music, different to Cradle of Filth. This is what melodic, symphonic black metal is all about, and maybe more. 10/10.

Review by: Devogor

Hello, who fucks compares ABYSSOS with Cradle O.F.?, this is different music and concept, ABYSSOS is very original, and lyrics... fantastic, donīt compares, just enjoy the music, that is excellent...

Review by: Northvisions

And This is a nice Vampiric Melodic Blakc Metal

Review by: Knight

this album is great. those who compare it with c.o.f.only saw the artwork but never heard the music. the music is totally in the vein of the mighty dissection but with keyboards. the vocals are excellent,much better than those in the previous album sadly this band seems to be not active anymore.

Review by: grimfaust

Musicianship is awesome, so what if the lyrics are a lil nerdy. As for the album being boring, well its one of the few black metal albums that has kept my attention. Definately in my top 5 black/goth metal albums (and the vamp photo's rule). Debut album rocks aswell

Review by: Darkfukker

If it wasn't sung in english would it make a difference?

Review by: Spore of Cult

This Album is just simply great the guitars are very technical
and the song are well composed aswell, the one thing i would compare to Cradle of Filth is the Female vocals sound pretty similar the music sounds bugger all like Cradle. Does anyone know whats going on with the split between tracks 2 and 3????
What the fuck is with that!!!! it's hardly noticeable seeing they stop for about a second and carry on with the same song!!!!! well it's a good album so i wont moan too much.


Review by: Amdusias

When Cacophonous became one of the bigger labels of the mid-90s, Abyssos appeared out of the Swedish woodwork to show that not all Swedish black metal is pure nihilistic speed (ala Dark Funeral, Marduk, Setherial, etc.). Instead, they're lumped with the "dare to be different" black metal Swedes like Vintersorg and Siebenburgen (sound and genre-wise, not music-wise) and give us one hell of a second album. I can see a few BM purists cringing and claiming "sell-out Cradle worship", though, despite similarities, this can't really be considered "worship". But I guess having vampiric lyrics and imagery, female vocals, keyboards and high-pitched shrieks constitutes CoF worship nowadays. Does that make any other Norwegian bands after 1994 Emperor clones? Or Mayhem worship? What about the other faceless American death metal bands after the late 80s? A scene full of lukewarm Cannibal Corpse wannabes and Morbid Angel followers. Funny how the consensus of underground metallers are quick to quip the same BS they claim to not agree with or hate (isn't the whole point of "underground" NOT listening to or agreeing with what other idiots think? Am I right, kids?). But meandering thoughts aside, I'm here to speak on behalf of this album which, after it's initial release, the band sadly disappeared off the face of the earth (I guess not getting a big Nuclear Blast or Century Media contract puts a damper on your enthusiasm and self-worth...but then again, check out CM's roster and name me at least 5 decent bands worth noting that isn't a pale reflection of another sh*t band already 5 years old...can't, eh? You're not alone). This is one of the better Crappedoffonus releases in the mid/late 90s, as the album itself is nice, atmospheric, and has moments of extreme heaviness. Say what you will; personal opinions are just that, and nothing more. This band and the album itself puts more vampirism than CoF EVER did (what album was PURELY vampiric, aside from Cruelty and the Beast?), and as good as CoF are/were, they never kept up the atmospheric darkness and lyrical structures. Now granted, Abyssos isn't the best in the titles/lyrics department (Finally I Kissed the Pale Horse?), but since Black Metal vocals are hard to decipher as is, the lyrics are secondary with the music, as they should be. Rehn and his co-hort give us some powerful darkness with music that has a bit of everything in it; a touch of old Cradle of Filth's atmosphere, a bit of Emperor's speed and intensity, many twin guitar tandems ala Children of Bodom and a plethora of other Swedish death metal bands, elongated song structures from the likes of Mystic Circle and Limbonic Art, what have you. Simply put, this is a very good album of pure vampiric escapism. Not the most original or ground breaking, but then again, isn't that the point sometimes? You tell me.

Review by: Red Music Diabolus

All and all, this is a pretty cool album. At times the riffs are a little reminiscent of Dissection - whoever the overall mood of the album is far more along the lines of a typical Vampiric Black Metal band. There is a bit of originality on this album but it comes in small, infrequent doses. A good listen and worth your time but nothing that will stand the test of time.

Review by: shanewick

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