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one of the best debut ever!!!
abyssos plays vampiric black metal in a very uinque way
evrey instrument is used to his full
the art work is one of the best i've seen beside the great pic on the front the booklet opens into an invertat cross
the lyrics are also very majesic with vampiric images and myth. supreme vampiric evil!!!
no words can describe this truly masterpiece so listen to it and if you see this album grab it fast 'cause it's not that easy to find.

Review by: midvinter2

Very impressive debut from these guys, this is vampiric black metal in his finest form, with dissection-like riffing here and there. A fine production to boost, this is some good sh*t folks, a great piece of ultra-melodic blackness. Sadly this is one hell of a hard piece to find, being on the Cacophonous Label here in Canada it cost me more than a buck or two. However, get it only for the booklet, because once unfold, it appears to be an inverted cross. cool.

Review by: arckangell

hmmmm.....someone was listening to cradle of filth a lot and then decided to make a band?....after all it is good BUT not original....8/10

Review by: Ancient

Abyssos is a Black/Vampire metal band from sweden and probably one of the best.The thing that really surprises me is after leaving Cacophonous records the band wasnt snapped up by a larger label.This album is possibly one of the best of its genre it has Great vocals,melody, and enough keyboards to keep the atmosphere but not drench it. The only downside though is the lyrics they come across as somewhat cheesy ,but that put aside its worth every cent.If i were you id buy it next chance you get.

Review by: vladtrovert

Even though the band is no longer active, it seems that their popularity is widely growing in the underground scene, and rightfully so, for it is some of the finest melodic black metal I have heard!

The few complaints that I might have to bring here is that the first half is not really that interesting and that most of the songs drag on for too long that I would ask for. Heck, I think the whole CD lasts for over an hour!

But in its defense, the lyrics dealing with vampirism and occultism are highly appealing for me and some of the tracks are simply entrancing, such as the title track, which is nothing but a keyboard instrumental. Of course, there are some epic tracks that will make you headbang, in particular 'In Fear they left the world unseen', 'As the sky turns black' and the closing track. There are many interesting and catchy guitar bits, and overall you will even find some nice keyboard breaks here and there. The production is pretty polished for a black metal record and purists might find it unappealing.

Overall this release is a nice addition to the scene, fans of early Dimmu Borgir and Dissection will definitely love this. Also, fans of vampyric metal that have had enough of Cradle of Filth or Theatres des Vampires can give it a try if they want more aggression in their music.
Rating: 9/10
Favorite tracks: Together We Summon The Dark, Through the gloom into the fire

Review by: DracuLeo

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