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great work...freezing blood...warping mind...weeping the soul...showing beauty...feeding emotions...making feel...
giving the needed atmosphere...
eternal A is filling me...

Review by: Baran

Utterly remarkable, BRILLIANCE at its peak!

Review by: ChAoS_ReApEr

this is excellent, with a dark atmosfere, the production are good, the best albun of this great band.

Review by: rjp666

"Dark Metal" that's what the band call it themselves. I don't really like the idea of a specific side-genre being created for just one or maybe a few bands but this is really something different from the other bands I've heard so far (quite a few).
Taking the kind of slow plodding viking metal (I would call it this way instead of dark metal) of their debut EP "dark sorcery" to a more extreme level Aeternus presents their best work on this CD.
A slow an nicely built up intro is the calm before the storm which in this case is the first track "there's no wine like the bloods crimson" a song, like all the others that just moves along with great violence not by speed but by the thick guitar chords that find power in repetition (albeit with minor adjustments), powerful vocals and the plodding drums.
This CD also contains some rest points with akoustic stuff and some really nicely placed breaks to enhance atmosphere.
In short an amazing record from a truly inventive and creative band. 9,5/10

Review by: zwarte krijser

Aeternus still makes fucking great music, and this is a 100% worthy follow up to "Beyond The Wandering Moon". Especially "Ild Dans" (Fire Dance) is beautiful track. All hail the mighty Aeternus!

9 out of 10

Review by: Demonheart

Aeturnus kills with Beyond... and with So the night... they just crush´em´all, brilliant guitars, sound you can feel the presence of darkness on this record

Review by: luciferianlight

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