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great drumming, great guitar riffs, its brutal, i recommand this album to anybody who loves black metal

Review by: jp_ol

"shadows of old" was strange...too different to earlier AETERNUS works...but's a pity...
all the atmosphere gone...all the "emotional" power vanished...another great band is lost...
where is the taste of times, as "the night became"...

Review by: Baran

Once again AETERNUS shows how great they is. Do your self a favour and get this album if you like black metal.

Review by: Lost Soul

This was an outstanding and ridiculously brutal album, in fact the most brutal album I've heard from Aeternus and from any other band for that matter. Yes, while it's no ... And So the Night Became or Beyond the Wandering Moon (even though I adore the beautiful melodies of those, and they are my favorites), it is quite different. I love this album, it shows how Ares has progressed with his vocal abilities - deeper, stronger, and more powerful. Aeternus is simply amazing, and I love all their works, except I dont like Shadows of Old that much.

Review by: ChAoS_ReApEr

Unfortunately Aeternus has become all to commercial. No great sound, no dark atmosphere, no charme, no chance that I would EVER listen to this cd again.

Review by: Demonheart

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