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This Record Kicks total ass!!!.. Very Atmospheric Very dark. Has a sound unique to its self in that the production keeps the mood of the record quite grim..however its a very uplifting and powerful listen The Last track (celtic feast) is a cover of an old folk tune which they have done amazingly. This record is a classic.

Review by: carcass_alex

A fantastic album.With a rather dim sound that provides a restless feeling,slight folk influences and a doom/black sound it's one of my favourites ever.

Review by: toni t

Aeternus – Beyond the Wandering Moon
All hail the mighty Aeternus… The best band ever. This album is slow, dark and creepy, and it's perfect to listen to on a dark and snowy winters night. Especially the intro is a perfect start on an even more perfect album… So listen to it and enjoy!

10 out of 10

Review by: Demonheart

Can i start by asking, Why do so many people hate this band? I personally dont think their anything too special, but their far from awful. 'Beyond the Wandering Moon'is an average Black Metal release, from an important time in the Norwegian Black Metal Scene. Theres nothing too special about the album... Mediocre Guitar, Mediocre Vocals, Mediocre Bass, Mediocre Drums... I say that this album would be worth buying, due to its place in Black Metal history, and it is Aeternus's best release.
Stand Out Tracks: Vind
Hail True Norwegian Black Metal

Review by: natte_skygge

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