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I think that this EP shows a good evolution on After Foreverīs sound. The first 4 songs (track 1 is a instrumental intro) are very different form previous releases, but I donīt think they will disapoint an After Forever fan. The songs are still melodic and heavy with good guitar work and the grunts remain (some people thought that they would disappear as happened to Within Temptation).

The track 5 is an Iron Maiden cover that didnīt impressed me, a very plain version. Track 6 is also a cover, not bad at all but itīs not metal, itīs a ballad.

What disspaainted me on this EP was the DVD. It only contains the video clip of "my choice", a live compilation of "the evil that man do" and some silly making of and pictures. Nothing besides that.

Anyway this EP cheers me about the expectations to the next full lenght album, cause if its going to follow the first songs of the CD, I think it would be a great album!

Although, this is not a release to start with if you donīt know After Forever. Try first their 2 previous works.

Review by: Walter Jr

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