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this ajattara cd is very good, with a lot of synth, and very good gutural voices, but there is no song in english thats the only thing i dont like, "very good black metal"...

Review by: galgar

I think that finnish is better language for black metal than english, because it sounds sort of darker and more primitive. And Pasi Koskinen (Ruoja) is the best!!!

Review by: epäjumala

Splendid lyrics, dark atmosphere, competent musicans, great sound, catchy, Ajattara has it all. Both Itse and Kuolema is killer albums!

Review by: Muzhluthrum

Finnish language has always been my preference for black metal. English just lacks expression and is sort of too "sophisticated" sounding compared to the nordic languages!

Ajattara is dark as hell. I raise "Itse" to one of the black metal albums of all times actually, not only that it has such talented and brutal lyrics made through (cold) heart.


Review by: Rahkoi

Well, it's not terrible, but it's just too simple. I liked this album upon first listen while being drunk so I bought it. At first listen I could immediately hum along all the songs so I knew something was wrong.
This CD wears thin in no time and you are very likely to play it less than 5 times a year.

Review by: zwarte krijser

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