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Oh this is soooo bad! Just to let all of you know, I, being a lover of most things with female leads, abhor this mess. The singing and music just do not fit each other at all, their so out of sinque, its hard to describe. This is the most horrible thing Martina Astner has ever been a part of. I would even take Shellyz Razen over this muck, that's how bad, if you've ever heard it, is. I won't go any further, there is nothing more to say outside of, I hope no one else wasted their hard earned money on it.

Review by: DENNIS R.

Well, the cd artwork and presentation was nice, and it came with a poster, other than that, there's nothing good i can say about this band. The first song is interesting, then they go down the toilet. It's like they tried to mix Nightwish with Prog Rock. I gave it a six because of the album's presentation

Review by: donomaniaco

A masterpeice from the genius that is Eric Rutan, seeming to me to be an aquired taste I think this band is amazing.
"Absolute Purity" being the product of 7 years worth of work since he left Ripping Corpse in the early 90's the songs have been worked on for years making each one individual. Each member is skilled in a particular field (Jazz, Blues, metal) giving the songs layers unlike I've heard before, years ahead of the powermetal of Nightwish this fusion of thought, musicianship and feeling whipped up together to make something new would probably scare some people off but I'd advice a few listens to this work as it isn't the most accessible of albums but once your in it's a whole new world to listen too :)

Review by: Gavius

There are people who, when listening to something different or to something they do not expect, react negatively against it.

ALAS's "Absolute Purity" is definitely something different we've seldom heard before: intense and tight guitar riffery, progressive rythyms, and operatic female voice. A strange blend, isn't it? Moreover, song structures are weird as well, so the final result is hard to describe.

I really love this album, man! For example, Focus on song "Silencing the Sorrow". It contains excellently elaborated and performed riffs, mixed with Martina Astner's vocal:

The winds of season turning
Diluted blood churning
The withered soul now yearning...

Oh man, that riff fucking rules!!!!! Rutan's guitar work on the entire album is flawless!!

The problem with this album is that it's one of those you love it or hate it deeply. Anyway, this is a more progressive and weird version of Nightwish. Very original indeed!!!

Review by: -I-_Azagthoth_-I-

Yes of course, Alas music is diferent but the only good thing in the entire album is the first song, the others songs really sucks. Don't buy this shit, I think Alas was a mistake in the brilliant Rutan's career.

Review by: gfabila

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