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in today's metal scene is begining to be quite a problem to be somewhat original....but the guys from The Amenta are doing an excelent job. It's probably the most fresh and original metal release from 2004.
the fact that you haven't heard anything like it, makes it a challenge to put this masterpiece in one single musical category.....What the band members refer as simply "extreme metal" is a nicely executed black/death with a touch of industrial.
standout tracks: all of them, but especially just doesn't get any better then's a fucking auditory orgasm :) if u're looking for a good this's worth every penny

Review by: strigoiu

yeahhhhhhh!!!!!!! finally these aussies are on the site. in truth i've only heard the track Erebus, but let me tell you, it is fucking sick. i reckon the drumming is the most amazing part of the band, but the other musicians are top-notch as well. highly recommended to all you black metallers who want something a bit different (and australian lol)

Review by: morbz

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