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Yaaaa!! This is the best Viking metal album of Amon Amarth!! I am a very big Amon Amarth fan, so i know what i am talking about! Great melodies, spheres (you can really see the Drakkars floating on sea and imagining the battles when listening this album!), production, sound, lyrics... All songs are so great! only one song i think is a bit different (Asator), but still great! GET THIS ALBUM!!! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!

Review by: Nachtland

"With Oden On Our Side" is actually my first introduction to Amon Amarth. Overall I think this album is strong. The songwriting is great and the music is heavy, the vocals are brutal, and pretty much all of the songs on this album are catchy as fuck. For me this album just has an awesome "feel" to it. After previewing some of the bands older material I am convinced that this is probably their best album. I look forward to hearing more from Amon Amarth in the future.

Review by: endofnight

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