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Damn! This is such a great album, a true classic. It's not really something unique and totally original but somehow stands out among the crowd of melodic death/doom genre. "Black Winter Day" stands out as the best song but the rest is also amazing.
The musicanship is on a great level, the production is heavy and very well fitting. The vocals are understandable death metal growls executed perfectly.
This is what I call "a mandatory listening".

Review by: -hammerheart-

The album is the best release of the band together with "Elegy" for me. When "Tales..." was released there was the beginning of such style and the sounding was new and amazing. Nowadays there are many similar bands but "Tales..." still remains among the classical albums of melodical death metal. To tell the truth, I'm not in new stuff of AMORPHIS but I listen to "Tales..." with great pleasure.

Review by: Birute

Though departing from their earlier, faster style - no blastbeats are heard on this album - Amorphis, however establish an ultra-heavy, melodic, and very original style of their own. Marvellous folk melodies that are heard on songs like "Black Winter Day" or "Drowned Maid" (two of the best songs on the album) make this record one of the best ones of Finnish heavy metal. Worthy of note are also the drumming of Jan Rechberger and the dual vocals of Tomi Koivusaari.

Review by: Quirk

It should be one of my top 10 cds all time ... the music is beautiful ... the atmosphere of the music gives me a cold feeling ... and the guitar sound is just brilliant ... a must have.

Review by: ahlan

A Cold Northern Album.In This Album Amorphis Do Their Best.The Folk Melodies Especially In (Drowned Maid) And (To Fathers Cabin) Make This Album Unbelievable..This Is One Of My 5 Favourite Albus Ever..Fantastic

Review by: Loki_the septic

Definetely the best Amorphis album, a true classic for doom/death metal.

Review by: Einherjar

I am not a black/extreme purist, I just find this album boring. Sure they can play and sure it gives off a mood, but wheres the diversity? It all sounds so slow and grueling, why would I want to listen to this when there is so much better music to experience? not worth wasting valuble listening time on in my opinion. "pif"

Review by: barren_well

One of the 30 best death metal albums of all time! Mid tempo (sometimes almost doom) death metal enriched dy progressive, atmospheric and folk influnces! From the first track (the intro) the listener starts his journey through the thousand lakes. This journey is not a happy one. it is full of sad tales and tragic stories.
This album is a masterpiece. I cannot imagine a fun of melodic death metal who could disagree with that!
P.S. If the sound production was better, we would be talking for one of the 10 best death metal albums of all time!

Review by: forestarm

This album always in history of real death metal Top 10.Perfect an album.Black Winter Day!

Review by: Beyto

Cult for me!!! I listen this album when i was 11 -12 years old and its always make me feel might of this great album... doom death..beautiful melodies ... This album have such a big power after so many years:-) Buy it!!!

Review by: parom

So everyone knows that this is the essential Amorphis album. What makes it so great? I really don't know. Although I prefer eligy for a few reasons (mainly that it is a better album, with consistently better songs and more emotion) - this album is fantastic. It definitely contains the best Amorphis songs with a great folk feel to them, unlike anything thats ever been done. The songs are short and sweet and never get boring. Generally the song structures and riffs are quite simple whoever they have a great feeling to them and will stick in your head forever. The last song is interesting - It has a 'deep purple' sounding riff at the start and flows into this weird electronic fiasco. Overall, not the darkest album you'll hear but memorable and a Masterpiece.

Review by: shanewick

i agree,this album one of the most classical albums,and really best of amorphis,,,when you first time listen it,you become addicted and it is just thing that never,after even a long time(like lot of bands are)you never gonna bored with it--.album is atmosferic,psihodelic,agonazing,and really untensioned,i dont even know anything like that even a close..

Review by: negura bunget

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