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Nothing like their other albums, but even better.

Review by: Adam Clark

More guitar made melodies and technoish synth are the main chances on "...sanO dance"īs third full-length...yeah...and of course names of the members have gone very weird(again):Tripster,7Even II and others...
Best Songs on A.M.G.O.D(in my opinion):
-Synthetic White Noise
-Odious & Devious
(and of course the last song of the album,which is fucking techno-track but actually fits on the concept suprisingly well.)
Maybe not as good as "the Symmetry of I",but still worth of buying.

Review by: ArhippaStyx

hello, this is not ...and oceans that i knew, this is fucking horrible production. is not bad (if they want to play fucking-tecno-metal). this is not and oceans, this is another band, very different... hail dinamic gallery...!!!!!!... hail simmetry of i...!!!!!!!!! forever!!!! the essence of and oceans... but since now... this band had died (for me)...

Review by: northvisions

This is the best album by ...And Oceans. It brings together such an array of different musical styles fused together that these guys could be put in the same league as Sigh - with this release. Electronic elements are now found all over the place and fit in amazingly well with symphonic black metal being played - its shocking really. Full of great riffs and total psychotic psychedelia. I love this album. 10/10

Review by: shanewick

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