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Another good disc of this band, always original and different, in this occasion its music drift more to the industrial land, leaving behind the black metal sound of previous releases.
And they do it very well; shorter and very intense songs, a great production, good keyboard work... so listen to this

Review by: danchloe

Cypher was my first "...And Oceans" album. I always depicted these industrial metal and techno-based bands. Yeah, I still hate it, but this band is somehow different from everything else. They're unique and except for the weird names (albums, songs and band members) they know exactly what they're doing.
The interaction of extremely powerful guitars and unstoppable synthesizers as in "Angelina: Chthonian Earth: Her Face Forms Worms" and "Silhouette: In White Rooms: Vacant Bodies" and even "very techno" songs as "Voyage: Lost Between Horizons: Eaten By The Distance" make this album exceptional and made "...And Oceans" one of my favourite bands. Many bands have tried to copy "...And Oceans" with little or no success at all. This album would even please traditional black metal fans worldwide.

Review by: Heathen Warrior

What the Hell is that? Some electronic sounds from Casio watch mixed with two-strings giutar. Keep away from that shit.

Review by: Jack the Nipper

Hmmm. This album is such a disappointment even though its really not that bad. Its just that the classical/electronic feel from the previous album is now a techno/rock feel which is far inferior in both song writing quality, musical ability and darkness. I don't really need to say more. Some good techno/rock songs which I'm sure you already know what they sound like. Worth listening to if you don't or if you like that feel. Its plainly just not up to par for a band such as this. The only really weird/dark/psychotic thing about this album are the ridiculously long, meaningless song titles. 6/10
I'm giving this a 6 cause there are a few cool tracks to be found.

Review by: shanewick

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