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Hail And Oceans!!! I don't care what others think about this album, but it is one of my favourites in the genre called black metal. Don't know why, but this album just gives me some special feeling, which I can't really comment. Just hear the songs as Trollfano or The Room Of Thousand Arts, and some others and hear by yourself. Great guitar and keyboard work, as well as nice drumming and vocals. What more would you want?

Even if I like all And Oceans stuff, this is still their best in my opinion and I doubt if they will ever make anything better.

Conclusion - Classic black metal album, that should not dissapoint any BM fan.

Review by: Zorg

What's up with you????!!!.. You don't listen this cd yet?, is a fantastic art of Black Metal music!!!!, hear it... is an order...

Review by: Northvisions

What'up with you guys??!!!, You don't listen this cd yet?, is for me one of the best issue of Finland Blak Metal, the majestic keyboards, the force of the grand atmosphere, originals, incomparables... but the last issue is very, very... bad... sorry... nothing compares with this Masterpiece of BM...

Review by: Northvisions

don't worry northvisions,I'm a big fun of and oceans and I have all their cds......this is melodic black metal,very original and good,simply fantastic! listen and support them!

Review by: impaled god

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