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Hello Angizia, hello guys, what a fuck with you!!!, you are not even heard this split of Angizia?, is one of the most fascinating black metal I ever heard!!, inimitable, unique, original!!, but for me, the best production of Angizia... congratulations to this band for this three fantastic songs of incredible music...

Review by: Northvisions

Angizia, this is one of the best issue of black metal I ever heard, is fantastic!!!, but you are changed across the time, this is the best production of Angizia... excellent Black Metal... bye..

Review by: Northvisions

This split of Angizia is one of the best cd that I ever heard of black metal, very original, classics voices of BM stile... but Anzisia had changed, turned more... gothic?, romanticl metal?, is bad... this cd is the best issue of Anzisia.... Greetings....

Review by: Northvisions

excelent album split, Amestigon (very influenced with Abigor), but it very good.
In Angizia, without coments... it a stile/genre of black metal very original, with keyboard, voces females & males of kind "black metal". The song "Der Stechlin" by Angizia is the best of album split with "Samhain" by Amestigon.
the stile de angizia is as "folk/atmospheric/melodic black metal" and the Amestigon "semi-melodic/atmospheric black metal".
If you are fans of bands Abigor. You listen this album split, like you. (y)

Review by: Adelas

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