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This CD is one of the greatest I ever have heard
By my opinion I think that Erhelle meine Seele is The best song the other eleven songs are olmost just as good
First you have seven headbanging songs then one song to relax and after that another four very heavy songs
I love this CD

Review by: 1 2 3 4 fire

Very good album, i only hate the begin of the song Reitermania the only weakness on the hole album.
Vocals are good, and the solo's of the guitars are also very good.
Almost everything on this album is perfect, score :9/10

Review by: Khold666IsGreat

definetly a good album..
sound is very heavy in every song, less peace of mind(which is nice too)... i think gone, erhelle meine seele and reitermania are the most remarkable of this album...
a quite furious album for relaxing ears...

Review by: Wast

There are not much bands as creative and versatile as DAR. After years of making albums that were ok but not sensational, they managed to create one the cds that leave the house first in case of a fire! 10/10

Review by: VIII

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