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This is the fourth album the Reiter released and it is by far their best. I already liked their previous stuff, but this is a new dimension consisting of fucking great hymns like "We will never die" or "Vier Reiter stehen bereit", brutal songs like "Ride on" (Best song in my opinion) or "Wo die Geister ganz still sterben" and some Spanish (Baila conmigo) and Oriental (Fatima) stuff. Go and watch these four guys playing live, they really kick ass! So have a nice trip and REITERMANIA IST GUT FÜR MICH!

Review by: Falcarius

That's a strange album. If you like the prrevious ones, especially the first two albums, you may not like it or just hate it. But I like it. Not so much as for example "Soft & Stronger", but it's good to know this music.
You'll find here clear voclas too, many sick instruments and sick music (like latino-american or hip-hop :/).

Review by: morthir

These guys are just fucking crazy, I'm sure nobody of you can imagine that metal mixed with spanish folklore can sound good or even great but it does! All of the songs on this album are different, "Wo Die Geister Ganz Still Sterben" is pure black metal, "Warum?" contains some Rammstein-influences while "Terra Nola" is a rather soft song with clear vocals. You should check out the songs 7-9, I promise you won't be able to stop banging your head during these 3 songs!

Review by: the_patriarch

holy sh*t. this album is such a crap.
the older albums were crazy, yes.... but they were not bad... but this album is so bad.

Review by: 6gh6st6

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