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Nice athmospheric metal of the type you can listen too eternally and that last in your mind.
Bears similarity to a band named 'Wallachia', but the accordeon gives it its own character.

The lyrics...what is this language ? I asked some German dude, he couldn't translate it, must be some dialect, its sure adds mystique.
I'm looking forward to a next album.

Review by: hw-90

A great piece of black metal mixed with folk influences and pagan lyrics. The best track is the title track itself. It's a sweeping, epic piece stretching past the ten minute mark, mostly relying in mid-tempo heavy parts. The best thing about the song, however, are the acoustic guitar interludes, where the singer laments over the loss of the once majestic, snowswept land, now ruined by Christianity, as he puts it.

Worth seeking out for this one track alone.

Review by: Stahlgewitter

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