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In comparison to the previous AE releases, "Anthems of Rebellion" is no more than just an effort of creating interesting music, but nevertheless Arch Enemy has failed to succeed in that attempt.

The song structures, especially the riffery has begun to sound repetitive, irritating and less interesting. The Amott brothers don't create so glorious vocalwork to balance Angela Gossow's malignant shriek. Luckily, although momentarily "Anthems of Rebellion" provides one or two songs to include in imaginary 'greatest hits' -compilation. "We Will Rise", "Marching on a Dead End Road" and The Haunted carbon copy "Despicable Heroes".

Some may like "Anthems of Rebellion", but I expected something in the vein of "Burning Bridges" and / or "Wages of Sin" - which both are excellent releases. This release doesn't really offer anything to the fanatic supporters of the older, better Arch Enemy.

4 / 10

Review by: Punisher

i like wage of sin more then this cd .the cd is not so good is i thought i don't expected it from arch enemy i don't like there new style

Review by: sir.antichrist

i like this better than their previous work, but in my opinion there's still something missing, just like there's always been with this band.

7.5 of 10

Review by: msatan81

Anthems of Rebellion and Wages of Sin are in a small and exclusive group of albums that are actually able to give me something that I can only refer to as mental orgasms..
IMO this is nothing short of a masterpiece, even though I feel that Wages of Sin actually is superior to Anthems..

Review by: Illuminator

I happen to enjoy this CD very much, although I don't know how it compares to their other efforts since this is the first Arch Enemy CD I have ever owned. The riff work by the Amott brothers is thrilling and articulate, but gets extremely monotonous halfway through the CD. The overall result is very good which is more than I can say for most bands out there. My favorite songs on this CD are Dead Eyes See No Future, Leader of the Rats, and Silent Wars.

Review by: ikilledtinkerbell

Once more Amott brothers creates a new great piece of Heavy Metal. First of all, he got the best line up he could dream to this album, specially – and i couldn’t forget the fantastic (in all meanings) vocalist Angela Gossow... Man, the girls is terrific!!!! Well, to make justice, the band is one of the best in these days, i have no doubt of it! Well, maybe not for everyone, but i really enjoy this new Arch Enemy.
Wages of Sin is a warning that the storm was just begginning... Anthens of Rebellion reminds the old great albuns from 80’s and 90’s; sounds new – but never “nu” – and true, without arrogance and pretention. The riffs are great and the vocals of Angela... Really scares me! Better than many guys! As you hear at the first time this girls singing, you just can’t believe its really a girl!!! THIS GIRL RULES!
Oh, and the guitar solos are really great solos, without all those desperated ‘titititititititititititi’ – It’s a excelent Metal album, maybe different of the previous (and not so good as), but still a great release for me. The clip song “We will rise”, for me is one of the best.

Review by: josephuscurwinus

I kind of liked this album at first, but then... It turned into utter crap. I hate this CD. I ended up giving it away to some random person, hahahahahahaha. 2/10 (It gets a 2 because I atleast liked it at first).

Review by: Lokist


FILE: Death metal album that is more like a Heavy Metal album.

Probably the best thing about this album is Arch Enemy's singer, Angela. A HOT CHICK THAT SCREAMS LIKE A DEMON, cool huh... it amused me! The lyrics are descent and the Amott brothers pull of a few good riffs.(and that about sums it up)

The drumming is sooooooo dull! The bassist has a girls name.

The uggh, drumming is... uggh kinda... uggh ugly...

#3 We Will Rise
#4 Dead Eyes See No Future
#8 Marching On A Deadend Road
#13 Saints and Sinners


Review by: arcanechild

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