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This is a band formed by former carcass axe-man Mike Amott, along with his brother Chris Amott filling the other guitar slot. This debut, obviously taking what Mike did with Carcass' heartwork album to the next level. This is certainly a breath of fresh air in a sometimes boring metal scene. It combines brutality, and darkness with melody and technical prowess. The vocals performed by Johan Liiva are quite unique and certainly fit well with the music, and the drumming and guitars being tight and proficient. This is certainly not an album to pass up for any melodic metal or swedish metal sure to check out their 3 later releases as well, very impressive and well executed metal!

Review by: TheArchEnemy

I just saw last night's show and it was fucking amazing! They opened with Enemy Within and If i remember correctly they closed with Ravenous. They played about 8-10 song and they all kicked ass! they band sounded great, better than all the other bands and i think they should have been headlining! Angela sounded awesome and the brothers were incredable. I was about 30 feet from the stage, there were maybe 300 people, and most arch enemy fans! During one song Mike pointed to me cuz i was the only crazy one in the back head banding and punching my fist in the air. Overall it was the bast show ive ever seen! Better than when i saw Metallica or AC/DC, its was great!

Review by: Annihilator

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