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REal good melodic death metal! a great album ! extreme but with biuteful melody of guitars

Review by: Sad spirit

The perfect mixture of Death, Black and Heavy Metal. I think, this album has a high level. It´s a pity that Johan Liiva left the band because his voice run perfectly with their music. A great album. If you don´t hear before, it surprise you.

Review by: shankao

I personally like this album the best. And the song "Pilgrim", the solo always remind me of the game Ninja Gaiden's BGMs. And I also think the solos in this album are the best.

Review by: lilgirl

Most of my friends, when we talk about arch enemy, they say “I don’t like him singing, I like her, if she sings, I like, if she don’t, I don’t like the album”, I truly disagreed because, I love this album, and she doesn’t sings, yes, I love, and I admit Angela has a great voice, but, this album, burning bridges, I love it, from the first song, till the last one, the voice is good, and the form how they play I really love it, and the lyrics, everything together, make this album, very good.

Review by: Rose Of Hell

One of the better melodic, death, trash, (whatever you want to call him) metal album of ever. One problem - Very short.

Review by: kre8or

ok listen,
the woman from arch enemy for me,.. is no woman, shes a man,
ia have a whole different picture of what is for me the female organism... "she"'s ok..
but the guy singing... is truly great, better that the "woman"
this album is in my opinion the best of arch enemy,
get it

Review by: shadespawn

Hmm honestly I love this cd. Johan Liva does a great performance here, as do the Ammott brothers and, well, all the musicians, really. I'd have to say this is the last good Arch Enemy album until the new one, Rise of the Tyrant, which I think absolutely blows away all other AE releases except for this one. The melodies on Burning Bridges are wicked, but balanced well with straight aggression. Now, the tricky thing is, I cannot really compare this to newer releases, because in my mind they are two different bands. When they got Angela, they somewhat changed their style a bit. Or at least in my humble opinion. Therefore I will say this is the best of the OLD Arch Enemy, with Rise of the Tyrants being the best of the NEW Arch Enemy. Certainly Angela could not do any of the songs on this album justice. Johan's vocals are just too unique. They're more than a yell but a bit less than a scream, it's odd. Anyways, I'm starting to ramble, but a truly monumental release. 9/10

Review by: False Messiah

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