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This is really it ...
I mean wtf ... This live album has everything that a live album should have 1 . Excellent sound , enthousisatic band and audiance , Need i say more

METAL as it should be LIVE straight in tha face

Review by: Mosher

My favorite Arch Enemy album. Recorded f'in perfectly. Amott brothers (Carcass, Carnage, Spriritual Beggers, Armageddon) shredding it up on guitar . Johan's vocals are better live than on any of the previous AE albums. A hugely talented band playing an awesome set of songs in one of the hotspots for melodic metal (Tokyo.) I can't wait for a live album with Angela Gossow.

Review by: 6goat6lord6

Fucking bad. Everything about this album is incredible.

These guys are truly some of the best musicians today. One

thing though. Johan must be brought back!!!!!!!

Review by: ace

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