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first time i heard doomsday machine, i was instantly blown away by it's music. guitars,bass, and drums are very well done, but the vocals are great. angela gossow can sing like one of satan's angel!

Review by: disembowler

a very nice album (at least to me). the song I Am Legend / Out For Blood is awesome

Review by: lobotomy

This album is so good as the others with Angela. The drums are better than in the anthems but i think that there are some comercial parts in it, like anthems.
The drums and the vocals could antecipate a future new album whith the quality of Burning Bridges.
Itīs a good album to new fans and old fans, but not perfect.

Review by: kre8or

well, this album is less than average for a band such as Arch Enemy!!! the riffs are exhausted, the vocals of Angela have lost the true anger in which she had in "Wages of Sin" and even "Anthems of Rebellion", and u can notice many elements and riffs really similar to AoR.. but less experimental and enventing... and they seem like they have chosen the ways of MTV and BigRadioStations and preferred to get more money than fans... this album has lost the melodic death elements which AE are well known for.... i love Angela's voice, esp. when she was in "Asmodina", but in this album they lost me as a real Fan... though u can't deny the great work of the Amott's in playing their parts, they're real good musicians...
but to sum it all, this album has a great recording/mixing but an awful composing/lyrics and Vocal performing....

the only track that deserves mentioning is the instrumental: Hybreds of Steel

Review by: headquarter84

What the FUCK! This album is even worse than "Anthems" was. I expected better from such seasoned, talented veterans this band consists of. The production is top notch and the drums sound strong, the signature "Amott brothers" guitar tone is still there, but there is something really lacking. There is an absence of atmosphere that Stigmata and Wages had. This band is starting to sound like all of those shitty nu-metal bands that they have been touring with lately. This release will probably apeal to the trendy Ozzfest fad or the kiddie-rock/mall-metal fans. The more I listen to it, the more it pisses me off. Another great band getting big and turning to shit. WHAT A FUCKING SHAME.

Review by: Grimmsley

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