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Johan Liva has left the band as vocalist, and has been replaced by Angela Gossow. She is good, but Cadavaria of Opera IX rules as far as woman in death metal goes. Angela has a long way to go, to match. Anyway, probably their best production to date, musically. The melodic death metal band from Germany is one of the tops in their genre. With their Black Sabbath type riffing, it is hard to name a band of their equal. I can say this because I own all of their albums and melody seems to be upfront with them. It will be interesting, though, to see if Angela lasts as vocalist. I thought it might be better if she used more variety in her voice, like an occasional soprano outburst. I would really like to hear her clean vocal style, if she has one.

Review by: DENNIS R.

Even though I'm not really a fan of this kind of music, I must say that... THIS IS AWESOME!!!! The truth is that Angela Gossow is... what can you call it. If you wouldn't know her, you might think that the singer is a man... no it's a f..king FEmale. The first six tracks are incredible. The first one is the best song from this album.

Review by: Punisher

This is just a fucking good cd, the melodic sound is once again incredible on this disc, the opening song is a real headbanger, Arch Enemy is keeping up the good work, i'm looking forward to see them on the metal meetings this year
10/10 buy or die

Review by: Jerry

I bought this CD 4 days before this moment that I am writting to you.My name is my Michael and I have only one thing to are perfect,most Angela.Angela please,keep singing like this,to make me go to hell with you every day.You have a beautiful Satanic appearence!!!You and Satan will guide me to hell.Your voice get me crazy.I love you Angela,you are the one!!!

Review by: +666Damien666+

This album has brought death metal back to life since its launch the death metal scene specialy in the uk has kicked off again the vocals were awazing not since the days of Tomas in At The Gates have I heard such vocals of this caliber and from a female vocalist to Angela is purely amazing and backed up with the Amott brothers who alone make the album worth buying with their blistering hot solo's and melodicness and with Sharlee on bass and Daniel's drumming put them all together and you have the pure genius that is this album the songs are melodic with that added brutalness of Angela's vocals well worth the money.

Review by: Vocalist Of Doom

... great this is really skilled labour

From the first song to the last song i was enjoying this album a fuckin beast that wants to break out ....
Best album of the year man really .... maybe that new vader album kicks ass but ..this is different man ..really tastfull album ...

what was i plesently suprised that those gruntin was done by a woman ..( first i thought damn she must be a fat ugly bitch ) but then i aw her pic ... lol wtf ... is she pretty ..and then that deep grunt ..whoo man ..where does she get it from

Review by: Mosher

This CD was a real let-down. It's not horrible, but it's not good. It's somewhere in between. Not much more needs to be said about this one.

Review by: HumanGenocide

well! archenemy have developed a singular sound that makes a diference from others bands, angela is a prefect balance of beauty, rage, and personaliti. into the world of metal we can find a lot of bands with female singers but never like arche enemy, i mean, just listen bands like nightwish, tristania, always operistic voices, and making the same and the same, its too fucking boring. however i prefer brutaliti before hapiness

Review by: javier

this is top class album, combining spine chilling guitar riffs with awsome solos from the amott twins. the trend of melodic tunes is continued in this fantastic album, from where it left off in stigmata, i havent really heard anything else from arch enemy apart from them 2 albums. but i gotta angela gossow sucks for one reason! she doesnt have a varied vocal range, its all the same throughout the album, her screeching voice annoys me sometimes! bring back johan! anyhow with songs like burning angel, enemy within, ravenous and dark of the sun who can (realistically)stop these swede death metal magicans?

Review by: Vampire Knight®

This is one of the best metal bands that i have ever listened to...their music is awesome...and the thing that shocked me the most was the fact that the lead vocalist was a female!!!i,she sure can scream!!!
my most favourite number on this album is the first track..."Burning Angel",i really liked the way it starts...very slow and instrumental and then BANG! the pounding starts...simply i really love this band...

Review by: kickassmetaldude

I think that you are the best band in the world and wages of sin is your best alblum.I never used to listen to you untill my friend Cat let me borrow your C.D and I just said to myself "Arch Enemy is my new favorite band".after that I got all your C.D's.this one is my all time favorite.

Review by: racemotoalldaylong

once you get past the novelty that its a female doing the vocals this album is complete shit. its nothing like old arch, its just another of the nu-metal influence melodic death metal albums. if u like the new inflames or hypocrisy cds or love slipknot then this cd is for you, any ture metal fans need to avoid this trash at all cost

Review by: FenrirsWrath

melodic sweedish death metal is back with progressive additude times 10. fronted by german born female angela gossow and no shes not a weak attempt to sell records
shes got the voice to back it up no balls about it! teamed
up with mickeal ammot and brother chris trading off ecentric leads while sharlee (i'am in 900 bands)d'angelo
bass blasts ass all over the sonicscape assisted by drumer
daniel erlansson. the result: lots of good solos trashdeath
riffs nail gunn druming lioness roaring that tops all other
sweedish acts and bass at its best

Review by: bill

this album is fucking shit.welcome to the world of trend,you joined your friend in flames,cradle of shit and children of boredom.

Review by: fredeath

My first observation of this album was that every musician seemed to stand out, especially Daniel Erlandsson, he's a powerhouse on the drums (if MOTORHEAD ever need a replacement for Mikkey Dee i'd say he's their man). Another thing that stands out is the weedly weedly Iron Maiden-esque guitars. They are so catchy especially Ravenous. It and Enemy Within are 2 songs that really stand out.

To cut it short, a really smashing album by a quality band.

Review by: misfit138

Anyone that dislikes this album is either too "METAL" or just plain deaf. Its obvious death metal purists (or anal retentives)are going to dislike this album simply on the fact that there is female vocalist and that the band have become a little more accessible (not that you will be seeing them on top of the pops anytime soon).But this is not a bad thing. The band have kept all the standard brutality and added melody and what you come up with is a killer melodic death album. Well worth buying if your likeminded and thought johanns vocals were a little weak.

Review by: Vladtrovert

The musicianship here is top notch.
Angela however, despite being a deep voiced, screaming female that gets people talking, is very one-dimensional. She has no range and begins to sound very repetitive all too soon.
Don’t get me wrong, a lot of male vocalists in the death and thrash world start to sound pretty samey very quickly as well, but those bands don’t get near the press or accolades that arch Enemy get.

A real let down as I like their previous efforts.

Review by: verdelak

I just got this cd and i can't take it out of my player.I leave disk two in my car in the player.Both are outstandingly good. I'm a new fan for life.

Review by: blkhrt66604

This album mixes a kick-ass brutality with that melodic Gothenburg sound.
This Angela Gossow's first album with the band,her vocals are insane! Never heard a woman growl like that! Not to mention that all the band members are at top of their skills.You got the Amott brothers on guitars,Sharlee D'Angelo on bass (Mercyful Fate,Sinergy) and Daniel Erlandsson (amazing speed!) on drums.
It's probably their heaviest album to date,songs like "Ravenous" and "Burning Angel" are very powerful,specially live.
Get this sh*t right now,a must-have.

Review by: Melkorka

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