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I listen for black and death metal but this is a very fucking group, they are excellent! try to listen to the albums terrestrials and orgasm,they are very melodic and dreamer albums of gothic metal! I give them 9\10

Review by: impaled god

Not bad and certainly not easy listening it takes some time to get into, especially the vocals are hard to digest (at least for me they were), but then you will get some OK music. It's not bad, but it certainly ain't something you will find me listening regularly.
If you're into experimental things you can give it a try, but don't give up after one listening.

Review by: sgurd

some kind of post-thrash female vocal experiment, but definately great material. reminds me of Aghora a bit, but without the guitar solos, maybe something like Meshuggah rythmic stuff done in 4/4 metre with very odd female vox. i like it very much and i will shurely look for more of Atrox music.. this is the music for patient listeners.

Review by: thyan

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