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Great album with great songs like "Decade Of Therion" or "Chant For Eschaton 2000" which are the best of Satanica.
Music is good and Nergal's vocals are between black and death metal. Inferno is an amazing drummer.

Review by: Lord_Byleth

definitely, the best song of the album is Decade of Therion, and check out the video, it's good!!

Review by: kintrala666

Satanica is somethin real new, not just for Behemoth but for metal in general
"The alchemist's dream" probably the most original stuff Behemoth could ever made

Ps. "Decade of Therion"'s video sucks
Nargal showing his "wonderful" muscles:D
we could somehow figure out better pics for cute guys in pops magazines

Review by: dark-girl

Brilliant mix of aggressiveness and darkness which you can find in black metal and the technical death metal way of playing. This album marks the bridge between their old stile and new. I like it more than their newer albums such as ‘Zos kia cultus’. Perhaps the greatest strength is the fierce voice of Nergal.

Review by: Aegirson

To me this is one of the bests releases in the Black/Death Metal field, very brutal, yet very melodic and plus the blastbeats by Inferno are fuckin fast and plenty of breakdowns. I cant say which song is the best, but I can say which isnt that great: I think "Chant For Exhaton 2000" is boring, not bad, just boring...

Review by: Antikrisztus Wunderbar

Very enjoyable album! I think Behemoth has gained creativity and feeling in their music since changing from black metal to death metal, unlike so many other bands who have tried the same thing and failed. I've heard nothing like this before.

Review by: Jules

Decade of therion is just incredible the quality of the video is not very good, but never a shit that goes for dark_girl and his stage name is NERGAL not nargal and he is a virtuous (he formed behemoth just being 13)so he can show what he wants (his muscles are very pretty)
the ignorance flows through your veins

Review by: mistress

Best album of Behemoth!

Review by: Black_Dahlia

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