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Have no doubt this album is in the true grim classic black metal genre. From the epic opening track to the haunting and eerie synth track Hell dwells in ice you are subjected to raw and razor sharp guitars, pot and pan drums and screams of woe. All the ingredients are there, be it Chant of Eastern Lands opening the album speedily and to the point or The touch of Nya with its Acoustic guitars. And yes plenty of ahhhhhs on the synth. Nergal has proved himself from early on with his song writing capabilities and this album charts a high point in a varied and diverse career for Behemoth who march defiantly onwards with darkness by their side. Gee

Review by: Zephirus

Behemoth's sound has certainly changed over the course of their reign. The quality of their music, however, has not faltered in the least. Sventevith has an aged sound to it, not lowering the quality or effectiveness of the music. The guitars shred, the drums hammer away with precision. This album has more synthesized parts than later Behemoth albums, which I feel only add to the atmosphere of the production. This album sounds like a whirling storm, slowly moving around, meandering where it wants. Picking up pace in some parts and slowing down in others. I highly recommend this to anyone whos a fan of quality black metal. My favorite off the album would have to be "Hell Dwells in Ice," hauntingly beautiful and dark. 9/10

Review by: Khendric

supreisingly strong album!!

Review by: empress

The first full length from a band which would ultimately become one of the top dogs in the death metal scene (although not to my likings),this displays the humble beginning of a behemoth of a band (pun intended?).Anyway,the music of this record is what you would most likely expect from an early nineties black metal release,with all the harsh vocals,blasting drums,primitive production and guitar fuzz.But theres something quite appealing about this bands early work (which is all too often overshadowed with their bland new 'Blackened death metal').It gives off a feeling of bleakness and pride,evoking images of storming sea's and pagan heritage...I dunno,a nice release from Poland's Behemoth,enjoy


Review by: -Vomītzodīak-

This is definitely one of my favourite Behemoth albums from the, at times, overlooked part of Behemoths career when they played black metal. The song writing is superb throughout and the presence of acoustic guitars/folk influences in most songs is missed in their recent releases.

Review by: bmik

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