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satanica is better.. for me this album has an irritating void inside of it's whole feeling..something is missing.. it sounds like some sort of space-like gap..sad they used a drum comp. instead of a real drummer...

but well, it's truly a great album.. nergal, with his supreme vocals and lead made this album a statement

Review by: amourn

Total crap except for the track "The Youth Manifesto", that is if you expect to hear black metal, cause it's some kind of sick death-shit. They have betrayed me...

Review by: Manticore

A great album indeed. And one thing: they didn't use drum comp! Inferno is a great musician who doesn't need such a 'helpful' crap! He dug it all out of himself! I've seen them live, and was enormously impressed. Thelema is a fantastic piece of MUSIC. One of the best I've ever heard. Maybe its production is TOO perfect, but the album is almost faultless. Nergal, you are a genius!

Review by: borgoth

I agree with borgoth, this album is a huge combination of positive things, Nergal and all the band, made it really good... i'll give it a 9/10 .. if all the black metal bands had the quality of behemoth, including this album, maybe the black metal world was something more interesting for us to hear! I hear, play and sing black metal, and today i can say that i own that to bands like behemoth, that had show me how to make some really and interesting black metal!

Review by: Vampyric

one word to amourn (first review) REAL HUMAN plays drums on this CD not a machine, he's blasting!!

Review by: jabol666

well thelema6 is indeed a good albume but prereleases of behemoth forces me to say this albume is not as brutal as i ve expected...still there are not many good bands as behemoth...

Review by: daltharrock

This is my favoutite behemoth`s album. Great sound, Almighty! And the powerfull lirycs. This band rule the world. IMO the best death/black band ever.

Review by: LAShTAL

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