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Another masterpiece from these Gods!!! Somehow retaining their new musical approach started with Satanica but with a difference... it's actually a bit slower than Thelema.6, a bit more progressive, a bit deeper in all senses. All in all a SUPERB OUTFIT that won't dissapoint anyone of the Thelemic Art followers. Run for it, i tell you. 9/10

Review by: Nihilist73

I think its safe to say that Nergal has chosen and is content with their new style of music, and Zos Kia Cultus has all but cemented that statement. Obviously if you are a fan of the early days and albums of Behemoth, then you have no doubt been confused if not flat out disappointed with their musical "progession" since the release of Grom which had many fans scratching their heads. In my opinion, the release of Satanica was the best thing to ever happen to Behemoth along with the insertion of the drumming beast that is Inferno. Thelema.6 showed us their willingness to stick with this new style of their's... a frenzied, technical assault on the world of satanic death metal. With no hyperbole intended, Satanica and Thelema.6 are out-right masterpieces in their own right, which inevitably brings us to Zos Kia Cultus. This is your typical case of becoming a victim of your own success. While there's nothing bad or musically "wrong" with this album, it is however of second-rate to the two previously mentioned albums. I have heard it described as a "well oiled machine"... something living on the momentum of its previous accomplishments and instead of taking it to a new level yet again, is simply riding the giant wave they created with Satanica. Now, some would say that an album like this is necessary for the progression... is this one to put us in a lull? A calm before the storm maybe? We'll see, but for now, this album is more like the calm AFTER the storm.

Review by: solaceablaze

Well well, one of my favourite bands of all the times...I can't even describe it, so i'm not going to do it..
One thing, Nergal has now 26 years old.. he started the band 13 years ago... so, was he 13/14? Damn, what a young kiddo already doing music like this...
We all love you behemoth :D

Review by: Vampyric

Fuck this piece of shit! Behemoth once was a very good BM band. True grim and really fantastic. Later it becomes to play sucking death metal. This cd is crap copy of Morbid Angel / Nile. It really sucksssss!!!

Review by: jarek

This cd isn't too bad, but it sounds too much like Morbid Angel on parts, and that isn't very good. This cd has it's moments, but it's very cheap, sell out, pussy, ect.
4/10 (*this cd is not even black metal!)

Review by: fosvart

One hell of a CD right here, a little slower than "Demigod" but the song writing is good and this CD gets you hooked from start to finish.

Review by: ChainsawGutsFuck666

Zos Kia Cultus: Death Metal

Another solid release by one of the best names in the death metal genre, in my opinion anyway. Guitars are excellant; a fierce shredding frenzy! Drums are excellant, as usual. As well as vocals, awsome. I didn't like this album as much as I liked Satanica and Thelema 6, but still...BEHEMOTH,baby!

Also for any Black Metal fans check out there older albums, they used to be kickass black metal band.


Review by: arcanechild

Just got the album...absolute perfection. Behemoth is the perfect band and of course...right from Poland!! Perfect score with the title track really standing out...10/10!! BUY OR....fuck off

Review by: MetallicOpeth

I have all Behemoth-albums (including the early worthless demos) and i must say this is their best release. Better than both Thelema6 and Demigod. Why? you ask:
Cause this breaths pure dirt and evil. Some tracks are slow and some fast as hell but all through the album Nergal is spitting armageddon right in your face. Great song material. Not to complex and not too simple.
If one is curious about Behemoth this is the one to start with. And if you don`t like it....visit the nearest fucking church and piss off.

Review by: winterspell

I feel this is when Behemoth starts really changing into a death metal sound, personally I'm not the biggest death metal fan, but Behemoth is in another league, the satanic lyrics and the music keeps me listening to behemoth. Nergal is a fucking genious.

Review by: demoniacspitfire

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