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Well....hmm....wonderfull....wonderfull!! is a piece of crap..u can listen to it once and u cant tolerate to listen to it again..i think the 38 votes that gave it this damn score (around 9.2) are the band themselfes and there friends! because i listened to them after seeing over 35 votes and the average score is high (9.2) and what i have discovered?....S.H.I.T (in my opinion)

Review by: Ancient

BISHOP OF HEXEN Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy CD (Hammerheart) Symphonic, absolutely an enchanting listen, with lots and lots of keyboards and piano that give you a sense that you’re enveloped in a shroud of morbid tranquility.

Review by: Mondanus

Bishop of Hexen is the BEST atmospheric black metal band out there.
I was looking for the cd for a very long time, and i finally got it, and believe me i was impressed, it's an awesome cd, atmospheric as hell.
Bishop of Hexen cd is a godamn MUST for all you Black Metal Listeners.

Review by: Goreter

Wow, I really liked this cd. It's like what Dimmu Borgir might of made if Silenoz was still in charge. It's very beautiful and symphonic, and the screams are just sick. My favorite song on here is "Lure My Spelled Emotions."

Review by: fosvart

Symphonic black old EMPEROR.

Review by: Beyto

this is merely ok... nothing more... what annoyes me most is the vocals,but the instramentals are good, i would definatly reccomend old emperor over this though, or old dimmu borgir if you would like atmospheric black metal

Review by: bringer of endtimes

To say that this album is "good" would be an understatement. This is one of the best Black Metal Releases I've heard in a good while, making it worth the fucking long time it took me to find a copy of it. The atmosphere generated by the album is one which I would describe as dark, evil, and sometimes depressing. It makes you feel as if you were surrounded by dark castles and black forests. I've heard a few people comment on the vocals as being hard to adjust to and I disagree with that. The vocals, while being different than most, have a very important place in the music. If you sit and listen to this album all the way through, taking in all the points of the music, more than one time, you'll likely see it as a whole. "Lure My Spelled Emotions" would be my favorite off the album, though there is so much high quality music here its hard to choose just one. This one is worth searching for. 9/10

Review by: Khendric

Bishop of Hexen's first full length effort is nothing like I have ever seen in the black metal genre before! If you thought that nobody could have more prominent keyboards than Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth, get ready to be proven wrong. Alas, the overly predominant keyboards do not kill the atmosphere, they are the main reason the music is so enchanting.

The vocals also have an important role, Balzamon delivering his lyrics dealing with witchcraft in a hissed ghastly voice. The one complaint I have is that the poor drums and guitars are really poorly mixed in the favor of the keyboards that create a 'layer of sound' that is pretty hard to pass.

Overall, the CD deserves to be listened as a whole for what it is, and prepare to get on an emotional ride. If you complained that there are not enough keyboards in symphonic black metal (though I doubt it), then this is definitely your deal. However, if you're not that much into gothic atmospheres, you might want to avoid this and pick up the band's second CD 'The Nightmarish Compositions'. Personally, I am a huge fan of keyboards, and of black metal with keyboards, so I think it is one of my top favorite release. This band is definitely one of the best I have seen in this genre and all I can say is that I eagerly await their third full length.
Rating: 10/10
Favorite tracks: Wading through Sensuous Journeys, When a Witch becomes a Pale Bride, Diaries of Primeval Tragedies

Review by: DracuLeo

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