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Just one word ... SPLENDID -> 10/10

Review by: Vampyric

Fourth one of Catamenia. This album is even better than EWP. And again Catamenia's lineup has changed. Keaboard player Heidi Riihinen left the band cause of personal reasons and Sir.Luttinen was too old and he didn't was fast enough to play with these Fins. Janne Kusmin(Kalmah) plays session drums in this album, and Catamenia's Riku playes keaboards. Eskhata is like the prevous album Eternal Winter's Prophecy fast and melodic album. this time Catamenia takes a step away from Borgir, and it's hard to mention any band what sounds like Catamenia. Catamenia has found their own style and sound. Eskhata is one of best blackmetal albums all the time and songs like: Storm, Rain of Blood, Landscape and Eskhata are songs wich could for good reason call "blackmetal hits". This album proves that Catamenia gets better album after album. 10/10

Review by: Lord Night

Eskhata was my first Catamenia album. After listening to this, I was on a "buy Catamenia's collection" craze... This is one of the best "melodic black metal" albums of all times. Perfect timing and the keyboard gives the band their own business card, along with perfect vocal lines and guitar riffs. "Landscape" is the best song of this album, but what the hell... all the songs are actually best songs...
\m/horns up\m/ for this great album.

Review by: Heathen Warrior

when i first heard this record i quite got disapointed. later, after a few listenings i started to like it more. there are some experimentations that didn't work well like the clean vocals and the sound of the drums are like demo sounding. nevertheless, the guitar melodies are superb as usual and the harsh vocals patterns are great.

Review by: grimfaust

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