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Catamenia's second album Morning Crimson is good follower for their debyt album Halls of Frozen North. this is faster and more aggressive than debyt, yet the music is still melodic. This time there is more great songs, and not so many poor ones. Sound guality is guite poor. It's difficult to hear guitars... Anyway Morning Crimson is little bit better than HOFN and that's good thing. Music is compared to Dimmu Borgir's Enthroned Darkness Triumphant. I recommend this to anyone who likes melodic blackmetal

Review by: Lord Night

Catamenia plays fast melodic commercial metal. I find morning crimson a weak composition of another unwanted Dimmu-clone. But granted: itís very nice if youíre in a happy crazy mood and youíve lost youíre offspring CD. Oh, sorry; the offspring is better!
For fans of Dimmu Borgir who are rich, but not for fans of real black metal.

Review by: Aegirson

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