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Sometimes you can heard brutal voice, sometimes you can heard sad volin, The music will let you feel heavy and heavy in you mind, like somebody grad your heart to let you feel you heartbeat...

Review by: haycheese

It's so sad that no one made the effort to write an overview of this cd. This album is very good and very sad and very addictive. The vocals are brutal but goes well with the music. There are amazing violins that push you out of the window sevral times. The scent of eve is a brilliant song and it really shows u what mleancholy is. The ultravox cover - vienna - is also a different but a unique one with an incredibly touchy piano sound. If u love melancholic music and doom in general u would love this album.

Review by: montaigne

probably one on the best album of the doom death saga of the year 1990s.

Review by: kaboul

This is an unbelieveable album.I had it and it go stolen .I have had a hard time finding it..its by far been one of my favorites of all time..

Review by: vegasmiss71

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