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This debut album of Cerbral Fix is still far one of their best albums until these days, it's a thrashing madness the best name to describe their style on this album may be Thrashcore! Their sound reminds me somehow to the german Destruction in their early has a slight touch of grind to it because of the short fast songs, I hope we can face someday this furious thrasher on CD allong with their demo's!

Review by: .S:O:L.Necrosadist

I bought this some time ago while I was into skate core bands like The Accused, DRI and Adrenalin OD. It's pretty raw for their first main offering. If you like your early punk metal crossover bands then this is for you, that's if you can find it because I believe its only ever been available on vinyl? Pretty cool artwork and one to collect. If you find it, keep hold of it. As rare as brutal as Septic Death's "now that I have all the attention..."

Review by: pup666

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