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If you are looking for an album that pretty much sucks, this one might be a good place to start.
Bringing melodramatic intended unimaginative songs with vocals executed in such a bad way as if alsmost beyond comprehension, I knew from start this release would score very high on the Krijs-o-meter any time soon.
The fourth track on this release is far different from the rest, starting of with even Amon Amarth -like composition. A VERY different song on this cd, like some sort of resting point halfway, possibly to prevent listeners from vomiting all too much.
Next are some lousy executed house beat driven songs, more of the pretentious emotional musical fluff, and worse, more of the dreadfull singing.
On the positive note this band has chosen is name very well however: listening to this stuff one more time sounds equally attractive to me as getting nailed to the cross.

Review by: zwarte krijser

i thought this album was great! the vocals are always unique, and they always fit. Cezar and company have cranked out yet another album filled with emotion and energy. the intro to Heredity is absolutely awesome! all in all, excellent compositions, raw but excellent vocals (like always!), and excellent musicianship. Christ Agony don't have a single bad album.

Review by: False Messiah

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