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If you were expecting something like Tuatha na Gael don't even touch this album.
After the long break up and later reunion, Cruachan turned into some kind of Celtic Rock band with some heavy metal influences.
The vocals are mostly made by a girl, with some exceptions in certain of these exceptions is in Unstabled (Seeds Of Macha) where Keith sings an almost ska part (and I think the album would be better without it).
The only resemblances of old Cruachan are when there are no vocals, then the songs turn into something similar to the best parts of Tuatha na Gael songs.
Nice album if you are open minded, and/or really into 'celtic metal'.

Review by: Daemon

Hello, this a bad album... well, for fans of Cruachan and his Tuathan na Gael, I hope more of them... but... I just want to hear another Tuathan N.G. part II, it's much to request????...

Review by: Northvisions

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