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This album is the best in discography of the band!!! Very hard and symphonic. Fantastic women chorus and very climatical. I feel miraculously when I hear this masterpiece of Darzamat

Review by: rgm

not one of there greatest albums, i was very disappointed hearing it because this band is so amazing. Stay where you roots are, this album was shying away from them.

Review by: nuclearfrost

Negs? Definitely not the way I would like it. Too much spicey sounds and quasi-orchestral abstractions, too many things put inside, so you cannot get the taste of the whole. OK, these were the cons. Pros? It's still the Darzamat from the earlier albums. And the CD - despite being IMHO much weaker than the 2 first ones - could easily rock every bad-ass-metal-wannaB-band out from the stage. Conclusion? If you like Darzamat, you should get the album, compare with the older 2, scorn it, hate it and love it. If you don't like them, buy the album and support your lords, maggot.

Review by: Anomander

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