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at first i was be honest, i am still. if you like the first dornenreich record you maybe love this...but if you lost yourself in "bitter ists dem tod zu dienen" and "her von welken nächten" you'll maybe feel like facts it's no bad record...but it' raw for dornenreich...don't misunderstand me, i love bands like moonblood oder burzum, darkthrone, clandestine blaze and so on...but...ah dammit...i like the athmosphere but...that one riff ... it reminds of dissection...........

Review by: Corpsie

I have a beautiful digi-pack pressing of the album. Listened to it over and over again, for time out of mind, and I must say I never get bored!!! Here Dornenreich take a milder approach to making music, a somewhat more philosophical one, but the "comatose" effect on the lisitener isn't just there - it reeks from the album!!! Tracks 2 and 3 are forged to sound a little alike, and both of them literally mesmerize you (but you never fall asleep), with their prolonged humdrum percussion and iterating e-guitar parts... An out-and-out BEAUTIFUL album, for those who only know Dornenreich by "Her von welken Nachten" - it's a real must-have, as is it for everyone else who presumes on being musically aestheticized. 10/10

Review by: Iskander

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