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This Enslaved album is fantastic release !
Below the Lights is by far one of the best metal albums of 2003!
The vocals are used sparingly, but do switch between the snarly raspiness and clean chanting that has become Kjellson's trademark over the years. The music offers great twists and turns, often diving into lengthy passages that simply tear things asunder.
I must say that guitar work on this album is by my opinion outstanding, also the drums are wonderful!
Must for all black/viking metalheads!



Review by: Dr_J

If there is only one word to describe this album, it would be BRILLIANT.

This continues along the experimental path of 'Monumension'. Unbelievably touching melodies, contrasted with the lighting fast viking attacks. Simply brilliant. This is far more experimental and way more absorbing than anything bands like Opeth try to achieve.

This band continues to put out quality material since 'Hordane's Land' and is still going strong. They are one of the most underrated metal bands today in my opinion.

10+/10 = fucking amazing

Review by: The Coroner

Although this is definitely something worth listening (or at least checking out thoroughly), there are some minor points that caught my attention:
-The sound, which is a bit empty at times
-The drummer, whose drumming isn't... great (on the other hand, heard mistakes mean there are no overdubs, which is a plus)
-The setlist could be a little better, some more old material
But on the end of the day this is just a kickass record. For all of you who haven't seen/heard Enslaved live before (like me), check this out, you won't be disappointed.

Review by: astathica

well, my favourite tracks are three, six and seven...
those are really great...some atmospheric ones...they have power and older tracks of ENSLAVED...
the rest is OK, but nothing extraordinary...
this is definetly the best release since the times of "Eld", i give it 9/10 for the good tracks and the nice artwork...
all in all I would say, that this is a really good ENSLAVED release...

Review by: baran

Incredible album, I would have never expected such a maganificent release on behalf of a band playing the usual rigid viking black metal that offers no sound variation. My only audition of Enslaved prior to Below The Lights, was Yggdrasill, which despite as being uncharacteristic to the later style of the band, made me reluctant before turning my ears towards another Enslaved album. However Below the Lights is far more different than the usual raw black metal. It is still fast, agressive, but now a lot of more modern sound samples have been employed - not to worry, it's still keyboard, but an intteligently used one. It is perhaps more acessible but that doesn't make it less black metal.
All in all it is a wonderful, melancholic, more melodic album that still belongs to the forceful area of black metal.
10/10 no doubt about that.

Review by: Lucinski

I can not believe how great this album can be, probably it is one of the best albums of all time. It rises above the others mainly because it is intelligent, it is fast and ocasionally brutal, but these features alternate with more melodic death-metal riffs and clean vocals whilst the keyboards are used also quite well. They are not your average gothic-black metal keyboard sounds but rather cold and minimalist ones which aim at creating a distinctive chilly and reverie mood. In my opinion the whole idea of the album is to transcend the average metal sound, perhaps resembling - at some points - Ved Buens Ende's style, but that does not make it less aggressive. On the contrary, as i aforementioned it is a fast, heavy piece of metal, after all Enslaved udes to be a Black Metal band, now it evolved.

All in all Below the Lights is truly magnificent, one should also listen to other similar albums such as Monumension and Isa, they are also superb pieces of Metal, but this one here is the Masterpiece!!! 10/10

Review by: Lucinski

Stunning piece of progressive-black blend empowered by Norse spirit. A very good work indeed.

Review by: kafir

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