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For the record I think Peter T's an excellent producer, though I am picky about the productions of some albums. This was the bands first installment at Abyss studios and I think Peter did a good job on this one. Blodheim was rather heavy for this time 99, almost sounding like Marduk at parts. Its on this one where you can hear a slight shift to newer thrashier BM type (mainly because the production is thicker), but really I think Enslaved pull this off with alot of style. That coupled with the fact that there's much ambient trickery in the Keyboards and Guitar, showcasing where Enslaved would be headed on their next two albums. Its transitional and straightfoward for Enslaved (not many 10 minute wonders on this one), but still a great album

Review by: starchildo

This album is heavier than Eld. Again very good with keyboards and great folk-style clear vocals. Sound much like newer Hypocrisy, but that's probably because it was made under the watchful eye of Peter Tartgren :)
Shame it's too short :(

Review by: The Trooper

hmmm blodhemn ... The first song (i lenker til ragnarok ) with the intro is pure class, but then starting the third song ... whoa , the album turns out like it's pink metal or something , this aien't my cup of tea for hell's sake.
What a mess, even my grandmother is more evil than that.

Review by: um jammer nectarus

Blodhemn is one of Enslaved's greatest moments. Although it sounds like Marduk or Hypocrisy (due to having been recorded at Peter's Abyss studio), but the quality of the songs may correct this failure. The lyrics also do have messages for the listener -of course if he knows enough about the Scandinavian mythology/Viking heritage...
Suttungs Mjöd for example takes the listener back to a prehistoric age, where the Gods were active and great deeds were done amongst them... Blodhemn is an album that helps the ancient belief keeping alive. Hail to Enslaved for this!

Review by: Fenrisulven

Personally i don't think this sounds anything like Marduk, it has far too much variety in song structures. For some reason a lot of people praise Eld but do not like this...Why? When compared with Mardraum this is a very "Viking Metal" sounding album. Yeah maybe its a little faster and thrashier than Eld but i think most people who don't like it use the fact that it wasn't recorded in Grieghallen as an pitiful excuse. 9/10 as far as i am concerned, great black metal and what can be expected from Enslaved...the masters of Viking Black Metal!!

Review by: deathshandbag

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