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well.this is enslaved's last real great viking masterpiece.
it starts with a very epic long track,that has in my opinion a fucking great mood-the good old norwegian mood.
the other tracks seem to get after listening to them for 3 times to real masterpieces of norwegian black(viking) metal.typical blast beats share their parts with viking hymn parts and slow riff parts to bang...all in all a great album that is worth to buy and listen to,because of it's fantastic traditional norwegian sound and mood...

Review by: nordgott

Enslaved evolved rapidly with the changing tides of black metal. This album is on of the last BM albums from the originators to have that old darkthrone sound. That said Enslaved have turned their band into something akin to bathory's Hammerheart. Huge viking choruses and accousic breakdowns mixed with lightning fast speed parts, litter this release and give it a complex sound. The choruses give the band a more personality, and a dramatic quality in much the same way the Emperor's Anthems had those shout out choruses that stick in your head fo days. Though this makes the band sound more commercial, Enslaved keep it in check with their exceptional musical abilities. Possibly just as relevant as frost!


Review by: starchildo

This is one fucking beefy epic masterpiece, and pretty much the end of the 'old' Enslaved.
7 masterful tracks, with the first being the highlight, probably the greatest Viking invasion song in metal.
Well deserved in the collection.

Review by: Vanguard

Enslaved are a band, which can always provide you a nice surprise. This album is different to what they have done in the past - the sound is a lot more clearer now, many keyboards and clear vocals. Very melodic and the viking influece is in the veins of Enslaved's members. The funniest part here is in the beggining of the fifth song - For Lenge Siden with those worried chickens :)
Another great album...

Review by: The Trooper

This is the best Enslaved album ever. Isn't it? Although percussion is screwed up, but there are no Enslaved better albums.

Review by: Rafi

793 (slaget om lindisfarne)...
harldy i can remind somethin better for Enslaved...
they put the last(?) drops of their soul in this Album...

Review by: dark-girl

couldn't be better the return of enslaved after frost, atmospheric, viking metal, song like alfablot, glemt,are unique in this genre, rhhhhhh north arise!!!

Review by: blot

I had a hard time penetrating this one. But when i did i turned out to be a killer. Even the strange drum sound come to it`s right after a while. It`s good alright but not the same atmosphere as the early Ulver albums.

Review by: winterspell

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