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Such a great album!! Unfortunately, I am missing a song. Can somebody please help me find the song "IsŲders dronning." This is the only song I need to have this entire CD. We can trade Mp3's If you like. If somebody has this mp3, e-mail me at:

Review by: chemicalmind

The norwegian spirit strikes once again. This is the fastest and the "truest" (:P) album of this great band. The production is worse too (another sacrifice in the name of rawness :)). Anyway this album totaly kicks ass. A perfect story from the nordic mythology, told in fast guitar riffs and hammering drums...

Review by: The Trooper

This is a masterpiece of true pagan music!Support the pagan revival!!!You must get it!

Review by: Legion88

Absolute killer Viking Black metal album. Loke, Isoders Dronning and Fenris are great!

Fenris er lÝs!

Review by: deathshandbag

if you like old black with folk influences you must have this excellent album

Review by: slayerr

this is my favorite black metal album, songs like wotan, fenriz or loke are excellent, is one of the most brilliant albums never made in black metal history, every black metal fan need to have this album in his collection, already enslaved was one of 5 best black metal bands in 90's..........

Review by: blot

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