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Thankfully they've returned to Griegheim studios. This album is what one might expect from Enslaved after hearing Mardraum. More in the spacy progressive direction, more experimental. Enslaved is still there just taking a more experimental approach and focusing on their ethereal quality. For those that have given up on their because of their straying from the viking metal style I suspect that they will return to it in time. Often I find that bands try to experiment in new directions and eventually when they feel that they have mastered it, return to their roots with what they have learned. Such examples might be Napalm Death and Morbid Angel new albums (maybe My Dying Bride too). Black metal is younger so this is its time to experiment. I remember how everyone booed over Domination and Diatribes back in the day, this is more of the same. I appreciate this album within the context it belongs to. A band does not need to come out with the same product for every album. PS the lyrics are still based in Norse Mythology.

Review by: starchildo

I was really confused when hearing this album for first time. Very different from what they have done til now, and still better than Mardraum. This is the first album with english lyrics and that's a bit dissapointing (They've somehow lost their authentic sounding). You can sence progressive rock/metal influence here (hey don't get scarred :)). Anyway, the songwritting is very good and the instrumental parts are very well played.
I wanted something more like their older style, but maybe it's better for the band to come up with something new and unordinary.
Monumension surely is an album worth checking...

Review by: The Trooper

Track 6 - Enemy I is a fucking great song

Review by: EMPERADOR

This is definitely better than Mardraum.
If you like the progressive elements in Black metal or
metal in general, get hold of this.Review by: m_amery

I think this album is amazing. It's one of the most interesting journey's a piece of music has ever taken me on. It gets better each time I listen to it. Highly recommended...and give it a few listens before you make any decisions. There is a lot of stuff there to digest.

Review by: cockroach66

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