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What can I say about this one of Enslaved. If you are into the 2 previous one you will love and I do. Probably the best from Enslaved since the great Below the Light. Ruun is better I think in the way that it's so well composed that you litteraly drown with the music. I don't know how to explained it but when I listen to it I cannot stop I have to listen all the album.

Amazing Simply Amazing !!

Review by: darkann

This is one of those albums that I always have to listen to ALL THE WAY THROUGH. "Path to Vanir" is one of my favorite songs on Ruun. "Fusion of Sense and Earth" and "Tides of Chaos" are fucking excellent aswell. This album totally sucks me in and takes me places. I love to just throw it on, sit back, and LISTEN. Highly recommended record from Enslaved.

Review by: endofnight

Enslaved is arguably one of the best Viking Metal bands ever! Yeah, I'm a fan, but I feel that "Ruun" is every bit as good as "Eld". "Entroper", "Ruun", "Essence", there really isn't a throw-away track on here. I realize this disc has been out for a while, but if you like ANY Viking Metal at all and want to hear how it's done 'correctly' in recent years, pick this up!

Review by: Pannick

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