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I don't really like this one
oh yeah ofcourse enthroned gets more extreme but why?
The old records are BETTER than this one. More EXTREME will not always say BETTER.

Review by: NVE

I totally agree with what's said above. This just sucks big time

Review by: werewolf666

These other reviewers don't do any justice for this outstanding CD. If you like real true Black Metal or Death Metal or just good music in general,pick this CD up along with (Enthroned's 2002 release Carnage In Worlds Beyond)and ignore these arrogant reviewers comments. They probably think Cradle Of Filth and Dimmu Borgir are heavy(lol)and thats fine for beginners in the scene of metal I suppose. CHEERS

Review by: metal rules

I agree with METAL RULES these other reviewers must have heard some other release like the tribute CD. The disc Armoured Bestial Hell is a well-crafted CD and destroys others bands in the Black Metal scene(that is if you like true Black Metal) not Ozzfest crap and songs that are off the Hellboy soundtrack or should I say the new Dimmu Bogger CD.

Review by: ABYSS666

Enthroned rules the Black Metal scene. In addition (Armoured Bestial Hell)is a great CD. This CD makes Marduk's Panzer Division Marduk sound like a childs bedtime story. In conclusion my favorite songs are (When Hell Freezes Over,Wrapped In Fire,Armoured Bestial Hell,Spells Of The Underworlds)and to be honest the whole entire CD can be listened to without skipping a track,which is rare for a CD. My favorite Enthroned CD is their latest masterpiece(2002/Carnage In Worlds Beyond) but (Armoured Bestial Hell) comes to a close second.

Review by: THE BURNING

I think the mix of this album simply sucks!!
but the overall things is very extreme, one of the most extreme Black metal albums of all times!!!
But the vocal lines are pretty annoying and unusefull!
it would have sounded better with less vocal lines, but it's just a personal opinion.

Review by: s.b.n

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