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whel you have the 4 cd's together
I just think enthroned is a quality black metal band
realy good i love it. And their live preformance was great as well. so what more do you want...

Review by: lord-atrament

Well, what can I say...I have Xes Haereticum, and I loved it, and decided to check out their older stuff, and stumbled across the Blackend Collection. Simply amazing. Generally I'm kind of put off by black metal vocals, but for some reason Sabathan's vocals really fit the music. Pretty old-school black metal, but with more melody added in. This doesn't make it any less heavy, but certainly makes it easier to listen to it in large doses. My favourite of the four is Prophecies Of Pagan Fire, but they are all excellent and worth buying. You can get this on Virginmega for 35 bucks..a lot cheaper than getting them all individually. Enjoy the unholiest of unholies

-Stay Heavy

Review by: False Messiah

This is THE best CD/Collection I have ever bought, Enthroned are christ-raping amazing. A whole 4 albums which are all typically Enthroned yet unique through and through. 10/10 For all black metallers!

Review by: blackbloodshower

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